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Earl Grey

Earl Grey

  1. Earl Grey Teatox™ Sugar Scrub

    Earl Grey Teatox™ Sugar Scrub

    100% VEGAN 100% NATURE-DERIVED 75% CERTIFIED ORGANIC Ultra gentle black scrub that detoxifies and hydrates the skin for a radiant glow

  2. Earl Grey Oil Salve

    Earl Grey Oil Salve

    100% VEGAN 100% NATURE-DERIVED 81% CERTIFIED ORGANIC An oil in a tube! This plush textured unique product is ideal for full body use and as an intense treatment for dry cracked heels.

  3. Earl Grey Nourishing Vegan Color

    Earl Grey Nourishing Vegan Color

    One stunning color to round out the collection. Deep green/grey color contains Advanced Oxygen Technology and Red Tea and Seaweed Extracts. Contains a specialty effect pigment - a shade of black that reflects a subtle cobalt color in the sun

  4. Earl Grey Body Soufflé

    Earl Grey Body Soufflé

    100% VEGAN 100% NATURE-DERIVED 74% CERTIFIED ORGANIC This luxurious whipped moisturizer deeply hydrates and softens for nourished skin.

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