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6 new lacquers that meander through the shifting sands of the desert. Richly pigmented, sunbaked, mysterious. Colors woven into rich tapestries that tell the stories of history’s great nomads. As night falls the campsite comes alive with song, storytelling and the green-gold, berry and burnt orange fibers woven tightly into the fabrics used as temporary walls. Home for the night is the color of sand, olive and deep blue of a fertile oasis.
  • Starry Night

    Starry Night

    80514 | 0.5oz.

  • Tapestry


    80512 | 0.5oz.

  • Arroyo


    80513 | 0.5oz.


    Out of stock

  • Nomad


    80511 | 0.5oz.

Look for the Wander shades on this SPARITUAL display.

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